Burgin Family Tree

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3 generations

3 Generations of Burgin's, Thanksgiving 2007
(L to R: Manuel Burgin Jr., Gary Burgin, Rileigh Burgin, Landon Burgin, Karter Burgin)

This website I will use to record and offer data that I have found relates to my family history. 

The earliest confirmed grandfather in my records is James Burgin who settled in Lee County, Virginia around the 1790's and was married to Mary McCarty.  Many early family histories have James born in Wales around 1744 and as the son of Jacob Burgan.  I am of the opinion that he came from the Burgin's that are found in Kent County, Maryland but only time and further research will prove/disprove this thought.

One of my current interests (projects) is discovering the descendents of James and Mary and I have undertaken a project to record all that I can find through records available on the internet.  You can find a PDF file in the Data section which lists all of the names I am aware of at this time.  This data is also contained in my GEDCOM file which can be accessed through the World Connect Database, a link can be found in the DATA section.

This website is a work in progress (probably always will be),  I will try and upload/compile what I have as quick as possible.. please understand though that I have (6) kiddos and a full time job so as such this is still a part time hobby of mine.

Most of my info is based on information that I have pulled from my Ancestry.com membership or out of the Dallas Public Library.  I visited the Dallas Library on 12/23/2008 and made an exhaustive search of Lee County, Virginia reference books, data of which is recorded in the Data Tab above.

Feel free to contact me with any corrections or to add to the database.

Gary Burgin
November, 2009