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Lee County, Virginia, Abstracts Deed Book Number 2, 1805-1812

Page 3

Birgan to Birgan

Indenture James Birgan, Lee Co. Va. for L & A to my son John Birgan for consideration of $1, I give tract of land containing 300 acres on Trading Creek known by name 'lane of Contention', a 6 yr old bay horse, a 12 or 13 yr old sorrel horse branded FS, 6 yr old sorrel branded 6, a 5 yr old yearling colt, one brown mare & colt, one 3 yr old bay mare branded with a ?, 2 yr old horse & yearling, 12 head of cattle, 30 head of hogs, 10 head of sheep, goods and chattles in my dwelling house.

Seal, 25 March 1805

James (his mark) Burgin [seal]

Attest: Noble Covey, Joel Hubbard.
Lee Court March 1805 deed recorded.

Page 63

Deed of Gift: Burgan to Burgan

Know all men that I, John Bungard of Lee Co. Va., in consideration of love and affection which I bear for my father, James S. Burgan of same county, for consideration of $1 I give 300 acres on Trading Creek, a bay horse of 6 yrs old, a sorrel horse 12-13 yrs old branded F. S., one sorrel mare 6 yrs old branded with 6, one gray mare 5 yrs old, a colt, one mare and colt, one bay mare 3 yrs old branded with T, one gray mare 3 yrs old, one horse 2 yrs old, yearling colt, 12 head of cattle, 30 head of hogs, 10 head of sheep, my goods and chattels in my dwelling house.  I set my seal this 26 Jan 1813.

John (his * mark) Burgan [seal]

Lee Co. Court 23 Feb 1813
Deed of gift acknowledged and recorded.