Cavalry Scout 1985-1989
           3/63 Armor

OSUT- Summer 1985
E Trp. 2/6 Cavalry - D Trp. 5/12 Cavalry Ft. Knox 1986
3rd Battalion, 63rd Armor, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, 1987 to 1989

Bradley CFV


I've created this site to keep the memory alive and share the history of what I consider the greatest group of guys I've ever been associated with. 

I was assigned in my assignments to a Scout Platoon that was comprised of (6) M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicles.  The main armament of the Bradley is the 25mm chain gun, the auxiliary weapons are the TOW II missile launcher, and M242 0.30 caliber turret mounted machine gun. 

In War time each Bradley crew is composed of (5) men, commander, gunner, driver, and (2) dismounts.  In peace time we typically had between (3) or (4) individuals per vehicle.