Border Duty (East-West German Border)

2nd ACR Border Soldiers Guide

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border map

Image Items

  1. Borderline with Border-Stones.

  2. Border demarcation sign or post directly in front of the border.

  3. GDR marking post, 1.8 meters high, Black-Red-Gold; with GDR emblem.

  4. 100 meter strip of terrain.

  5. Double metal grid fence, (space in between is partly mined).

  6. Gateway in metal grid fence

  7. Single metal grid fence, 3.2 meters high.

  8. Vehicle barrier ditch.

  9. 6 meter plowed detection strip.

  10. Patrol Road.

  11. Concrete Observation Tower BT 11

  12. Concrete Observation Tower, 2 x 2 meters

  13. Concrete observation bunker

  14. Light barrier

  15. Contact point for under ground boarder reporting net.

  16. Dog runway

  17. Restricted zone fence with electrical and acoustic alarms, partly as double fence with dogs in between.

  18. Concrete Wall/Screen

  19. Gateway in restricted zone fence.

  20. Border Cont